Archer C9 as Access Point

Just bought a TP-Link Archer C9. I have a WNR3500 with DDWRT on it already and it is rock stable and I just wanted to use the Archer C9 as an access point.

I was able to go through the configuration fine and set the Archer C9 up with a static IP of, but one of the steps requires you to enter a DNS server. I initially entered for Google’s DNS server and then plugged in the router as you would for an access point. Everything worked fine and it was extremely fast but I could not log into the management console.

I reset the router and tried again leaving the DNS server blank and it turns out that in the TP-Link management system, the DNS server is a required field. I also tried but it doesn’t like having an internal IP as the DNS server.

To get around this, bypass the initial set up steps and go straight into the console. To be continued.